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276                HISTORY OF PERSIA
Jask was fought on the 28th of December 1620. The
English squadron comprised the London, the Hart, the
Robucke and the Eagle. The Portuguese fleet consisted
of " two Portingall gallions bigger than the London^ ?nd
two Flemish Shipps, one much about the burthen of the
Harty the other lesser than the Robucke or Eagle"*
The writer of. the account continues :   " About nine
of (the) clocke, the Lord sending us apprettie easterlie
gale, our fleete weighed and put all things in order for
fight.    The London and Hart anchored within a cables
length and halfe from them upon their broadsides, and
so indured the hottest burden of this second daies fight;
for no sooner were they at anchor but that it fell calme
and so continued all daie, in so much that the Robucke
and Eagk) who, being  somewhat asterne and  steering
nearer the shoare with intent to anchor,  one upon  the
bowe of the  Portugall admirall,  and   the  other  upon
the  bowe   of  the  vice   admirall,   could   not,   notwith-
standing all  diligence  used, come  to   doe anie service
in halfe an  houres  space;   and  no  sooner were  wee
within the levell  range  of our   ordinance   from  them
then that (not a breath of wind to bee felt and a current
against us) wee  were constrayned to anchor  or  drive
further of.     But our broadsides once brought up, the
great ordinance  from  our  whole fleete played so fast
uppon them, that doubtlesse, if the knowledge in our
people had beene answerable to their willing minds and
readie resolutions, not one of these galliounes,  unless
their sides were impenetrable, had  escaped us.    About
three of the clocke in the afternoone, unwilling after so
hotte a dinner to receive the like supper, they cutte their
cables and drove with the tide (then  setting westerly)
until they were without reach of our gunnes ;  and then
their frigatts came to them and towed them awaie wonder-
fullie mangled and torne;   for  their  admirall  in  the
greattest furie of the fight was inforced to heeld his
shippe to stoppe his leakes, his mainetopiuast overbord
and the head of his mainemast    The greatter Flemming
both his topmasts and part of his bowspritt shotte awaie.
1 Tkt úngli& Factories i* In&a, 16*8-21, pp. 233^24.